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¿Quieres que le diga lo que me pasa?
Muchas cosas me pasan.
Me pasa que se llenan mis ojos de lágrimas porque el amor por dentro es incontenible, porque me arde y me duelen los te quieros que he aguantado en la garganta.
Que lo veo tan distante, tan ajeno, tan indiferente y me dan…


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An eating disorder isn’t about losing weight. It’s about losing who you were, who you are and being taken over by something evil. It’s so fast it’s not even a spiral, it’s a black hole. And suddenly you forget what you liked to do in your free time. You forget who your friends were. You forget what music you like. Because everything revolves around the eating disorder. Everything is by the eating disorder, for the eating disorder. It has stolen you. It has stolen not only your body, but you mind.

And one day, you remember you like art, and you feel happy.
The next day, you remember what your favorite painting was, and you smile.
Then the next, you’re recreating the painting.
And suddenly you come back, and Ed disappears.
And it feels so damn good.

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Come back to me.

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